Christ referred to the
"Least of These" as those around us who are without hope until we choose to put our love and compassion into action.

Esperanza Viva Youth Homes

Gift of Hope Child Sponsorship

Short-Term Missions

We prepare young people to
be successful in ministry and vocations through hands-on training opportunities and
Biblical studies.

La Viña Ministry Training Center

Lasting Hope
Career Scholarship Fund

Career Missions & Internships

We act as the hands of Christ
to our lost and hurting community, culture and
world through the stewardship
of our gifts and resources.

Short-Term Missions

LHI Missions – Global

Nations Church - Puebla, MX

Pre-K–12 Christian School

"It was so wonderful to see answered prayers everywhere and the great life they have made for these kids. We were very impressed to see how they provided for the kids with what they have been given and even more impressed with their future plans and ambitions to help even more children. This can only be accomplished by continuing support and answers to prayers."
Short-Term Missions Team Member – Elmbrook Church

Graciela: Grace of God

Her name means grace of God. Considering
the contrast between her past and
her present,
“grace of God” fits her story perfectly.
Graciela arrived at Esperanza Viva-Puebla as an eight-year-old, who could not read or write. “I didn’t want to be anything when I grew up because I didn’t know how to do anything… those first years of school were the hardest,” she says.

It was in 6th grade when her distinct love for numbers began to emerge.  READ MORE…

The sky is the limit for our kids!

Will you help us build our first school building?

How has God been a part of your life at Esperanza Viva?

ADA: The other day in school, Rafa (one of my teachers) helped me realize something. We had plants that we were growing and he told us that we had to put a popsicle stick alongside of it to help it grow straight. And I got to thinking, how sometimes God has to direct us and do things that are uncomfortable for us so He can guide us. God is like that popsicle stick helping me grow straight. Read More…



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