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"The children here can grow in God's presence of peace, knowing grace. I feel this place is like the boat Jesus was sleeping in when the storm came up. We are to be at rest, at peace with the world in chaos all around us. God is in control and we must be at peace knowing that. Esperanza Viva is a place of rest for all who are here, either like us, for one week, for the staff, and certainly for the blessed children here."
Short-Term Missions Team Member – Elmbrook Church



How has God been a part of your life at Esperanza Viva?

ADA: The other day in school, Rafa (one of my teachers) helped me realize something. We had plants that we were growing and he told us that we had to put a popsicle stick alongside of it to help it grow straight. And I got to thinking, how sometimes God has to direct us and do things that are uncomfortable for us so He can guide us. God is like that popsicle stick helping me grow straight. Read More…