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Jerry and Susy McNally have been missionaries for more than 30 years, and are the founders of several high-impact ministries in Mexico and the United States.

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Esperanza Viva
Apdo. 57, C.P. 72761
Cholula, PUE., Mexico

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Esperanza Viva Youth Homes

:: Puebla, Mex., Matamoros, Mex.

Esperanza Viva Youth Homes rescue, train, nurture, and rehabilitate underprivileged, orphaned, abandoned, and street children and youth whose families are unable or unwilling to provide for them.

Since 1994, Esperanza Viva Youth Home in Puebla, Mexico, has helped provide for and guide thousands of children and their families, including full-time care for more than 500 children.

Esperanza Viva Youth Homes expanded in 2006, when we opened our second orphanage in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, a city across the border from Brownsville, Texas.

Round-the-Clock Care

Our youth homes meet the needs of the children:

  • Physically through provision of a safe place to live, nutritious meals, clothing, on-site medical/dental clinic, instruction in good personal hygiene, and opportunities to play and exercise.
  • Mentally through on-site, Christian schooling at the Integral Education Center, counseling services, and opportunities for post-secondary education.
  • Spiritually through personal discipleship, daily devotions, Bible study courses, Sunday school, youth group, and other church activities.

Receiving Love

Our residential homes provide a safe, loving environment and care for the children and youth who have been abandoned or whose parents cannot provide adequate care for them. The dormitory supervisors who live in the orphanage with the children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week are passionately committed to loving and serving the children and God full-time.

The children of Esperanza Viva Youth Homes receive love and encouragement not only from their immediate caregivers and teachers, but also from visitors and their sponsors. The kids are especially excited when their sponsors visit them in Mexico, or send them gifts and letters. Their healing is made more complete by the fact that so many loving people fulfill the essential roles in their lives that their families are unwilling or unable to provide.

Increasing Needs

The needs of abandoned children in Mexico are so great that the few organizations attempting to meet this type of need are unable to keep up. The urgency to expand and improve our services is ever-increasing. As the world economy has had some ups and downs, thousands of families are being pushed into extreme poverty, causing fathers to abandon their children, and mothers are unable to provide for their children alone.  As these trends continue and the family nucleus breaks up due to social and economic stresses, we expect to continue to see thousands more children without homes, basic nutrition, and educational opportunities.

Upon completion, the Living Hope Community will provide space for Esperanza Viva Youth Home and the partnering organizations to improve the quality and quantity of services available for at-risk children in Mexico.