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JERRY AND SUSY McNALLYJerry and Susy McNally

Jerry and Susy McNally have been missionaries for more than 30 years, and are the founders of several high-impact ministries in Mexico and the United States.

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Living Hope International
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Nations School (Colegio Naciones)

(Formerly the Integral Education Center)

:: K–12 School

Click here to go to our school construction progress page.The A-B-Cs of Rescuing Children

When Jerry and Susy McNally founded Esperanza Viva Youth Home in Puebla, Mexico in 1994, their plan was to get children off the streets, to give them shelter and love, and to teach them a trade. The carpentry shop was an important part of the orphanage. Soon, however, they discovered that most of the young boys did not know how to count, much less read, write, or do multiplication. They could not measure boards or calculate how much wood was needed to make a bunk bed.

The McNallys realized that without a basic education, these abandoned children would not have a chance to become productive, self-sufficient citizens but merely survivors. Our Integral Education Center K-12 school was born from the need to educate and prepare the children of Esperanza Viva for a successful future. Since its creation in 1996, more than 420 children have taken classes at the school.

In a country where many young people do not finish junior high school, the Integral Education Center provides quality education for at-risk children. Many of our students had rarely or never attended classes before entering our school. We provide them with a learning environment which challenges their minds, expands their horizons, and maximizes their potential.

Beyond the Basics

The vision of the Integral Education Center is to provide a more inclusive type of educational experience in which students are encouraged to discover and develop all the gifts that God has given them. We believe that integrating academic learning and vocational training teaches life skills and better prepares the children for the future. Through the Integral Education Center, the children receive hope and vision for their future, are enabled to excel beyond their past, and develop the confidence to achieve higher goals and dreams. Quality primary and secondary education is crucial for these children.

In addition to basic education, our school provides workshops in English, computer skills, physical education, and the arts. We also offer the opportunity to continue their education once the children finish high school. Find out more about our Educational Sponsorship Program.

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