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Esperanza Viva
Apdo. 57, C.P. 72761
Cholula, PUE., Mexico

First-class, US mail can take 3-6 weeks for delivery.


Living Hope International
PO Box 116
West Bend, WI  53095-0116

Contributions are solicited and donated with the understanding that Living Hope International, Inc. has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds.

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National Missionaries

These are individuals and families are originally from Mexico. Monthly sponsorship is $36/month as part of our Hope 24/7 program.

International Missionaries

These are individuals and families originally from the United States. Financial support for these missionaries is open to any amount.


LHI US International Missionaries

The International Missionaries serving with Living Hope International (LHI) are from the United States, serving full-time. LHI missionaries are 100% self-supported and rely on the generous and faithful giving National MissionariesLearn more about missionaries serving with LHI originally from Mexico.of their support team, often comprised of family, friends and churches to meet all of the funding needed to live and serve in Mexico. There is no one-time or monthly minimum level of support for these missionaries. Upon receiving financial gifts, missionaries will follow up with you directly to further connect and thank you for your partnership. Your financial support of missionaries through LHI is considered a tax-deductible gift. Monthly or recurring gifts can be easily scheduled online or through our accounting department by contacting or call 1-651-315-2135.


VIEW PROFILEJerry & Susy McNally

Jerry & Susy McNally, originally from Minnesota, began their missionary service in Mexico in 1985, planting churches and evangelizing in rural villages. In 1994, they moved to Puebla, Mexico, and doors were opened for them to found Esperanza Viva Youth Home...


VIEW PROFILEMarty & Mary Madsen

Marty & Mary Madsen have served as missionaries in the US, France and Mexico since 1979. In 2000, they began working at Esperanza Viva Youth Home...

VIEW PROFILERyan & Molly Nielsen

Ryan & Molly Nielsen, originally from Minnesota, have had a burden to serve as long-term missionaries in Latin America since their marriage in 1998...

VIEW PROFILEMiguel & Bridget Gómez

Miguel & Bridget Gómez serve together as the pastors of the youth ministry at Nations Church and are part of the worship ministry, as well as serving full-time at Esperanza Viva Youth Home in Puebla, Mexico...

VIEW PROFILEJosh & Ivonne McNally

Josh & Ivonne McNally serve as pastors for the young adults group at Nations Church. Josh is the eldest son of Jerry & Susy McNally, the founders and directors of Living Hope International, and grew up on the mission field...

VIEW PROFILEAlfredo & Hazeel Torres

Alfredo & Hazeel Torres met at Esperanza Viva Youth Home-Puebla in 2009 and were married in December 2010. Alfredo is our resident graphic designer, who uses his artistic abilities to create inspiring promotional materials for the ministry...


Keti Lipke visited Esperanza Viva Youth Home in 2009 on a short-term mission trips and felt a great love for the at-risk children we rescue and restore...

VIEW PROFILEDave & Alissa Wied

Dave & Alissa Wied and their daughters Sierra and Kaley visited Esperanza Viva Youth Home in Puebla for the first time in 2009 on a short-term missions trip. It was then that they knew they were called to serve as missionaries with Living Hope International...

VIEW PROFILETim & Jocelyn Doese

From a young age, both Tim & Jocelyn Doese have been drawn to foreign missions. Jocelyn first had visited the ministry in Puebla in 1994, and was burdened to some day return...

VIEW PROFILEAndrés and Jessica Nuñez

Since Andrés and Jessica met in 2004, they both have had a heart for missions. They were married in 2011 and now have two children, Zadok and Zia. Andrés has worked in full-time ministry for ten years serving in areas ranging from worship to media director...

VIEW PROFILEBrooke Bentzler

Brooke Bentzler’s first contact with  (LHI) was in 2014, when she participated in a short-term missions trip with her church. She graduated from the La Viña Ministry Training Center and now uses her training in Education and Spanish while serving as a dormitory supervisor to the toddlers...


Jake McNally grew up on the mission field and has been involved in ministry from a young age. In 2015, Jake graduated from college with a pastoral and church planting degree, ready to pursue his passion to reach the nations through missions...


VIEW PROFILEBrooke Bentzler