Living Hope International

From Then 'Til Now

“Will you help me?” asked a little boy, not more than eight years old, begging at the corner of a busy intersection. Something moved inside of Jerry and Susy McNally. They looked at each other and mutually knew they needed to help.

Esperanza Viva Youth Home (EV) initially began in 1995, in a small neighborhood in Puebla, with children refuged throughout 11 rented houses. It slowly grew to include a Christian school that provided an empowering education they never would have had if not rescued, a fledgling church in downtown Puebla and eventually a ministry training school for young adults.

In 2011, God miraculously blessed the youth home–through the generous giving of literally 1,000’s of individuals and families–with land to begin transforming dream into reality, and the children were finally able to live in one community.

Now, in 2017, God is not only building a state-of-the-art, on-campus school for both the EV children and children from the surrounding areas, but also expanding the reach of our church as we grow from 100 attendees to 1,000, and one church to two, and reaching even farther with a missions agency which has already visited five other countries.

This incredible vision all started with one couple’s humble decision to offer hope to a small boy and meet his plea for help, but has now been answered for nearly 500 children and furthermore become a supernatural calling as though we’re all being asked by God himself, “Will you help me?”