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Personal correspondence:

Esperanza Viva
Apdo. 57, C.P. 72761
Cholula, PUE., Mexico

First-class, US mail can take 3-6 weeks for delivery.


Living Hope International
PO Box 116
West Bend, WI  53095-0116

Contributions are solicited and donated with the understanding that Living Hope International, Inc. has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds.

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National Missionaries

These are individuals and families are originally from Mexico. Monthly sponsorship is $36/month as part of our Hope 24/7 program.

International Missionaries

These are individuals and families originally from the United States. Financial support for these missionaries is open to any amount.


Support Missionaries Serving Full-Time

What is a missionary?

A missionary, to us, is someone who has fully dedicated themselves to the work of the Lord. The missionaries who serve with Living Hope International are committed and called. They, in nearly every case, have left loved ones, family, and the pursuit of self, for the sake of the Gospel and its message to save, rescue and train the next generation of Christ followers. Some of our missionaries dedicate 40 hours per week to their ministry and responsibilities, still others live with the children as dormitory supervisors, 24 hours per day. We encourage you to encourage them as the work is difficult yet more fulfilling than any other venture.

Each of our missionaries feel strongly that they have been called to serve and God will supply those he calls. Consider supporting the missionaries of LHI by selecting an individual or family from the two options below.

Two Types of LHI Missionaries

…each with a unique way for you to financially support them.

Mexican National Missionaries

Your $36 minimum monthly sponsorship is pooled and distributed among all National Missionaries as an offering to meet their personal and ministry financial needs are met. The LHI sponsorship department facilitates correspondence and open communication between sponsors and national missionaries.

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US International Missionaries

There is no one-time or monthly minimum level of support for these missionaries. Upon receiving financial gifts, missionaries will follow up with you directly to further connect and thank you for your partnership. Ongoing communication and correspondence is the responsibility of the individual missionary.

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