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Esperanza Viva
Apdo. 57, C.P. 72761
Cholula, PUE., Mexico

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National Missionaries

These are individuals and families are originally from Mexico. Monthly sponsorship is $36/month as part of our Hope 24/7 program.

International Missionaries

These are individuals and families originally from the United States. Financial support for these missionaries is open to any amount.


The Living Hope International - Hope 24/7 National Missionary Sponsorship program gives the financial support, encouragement and a personal connection with a missionary serving full-time with Living Hope International.

Each missionary sponsorship is just $36 per month.

Your $36 minimum monthly gift is pooled and distributed among all National Missionaries as an offering to meet their personal and ministry financial needs are met. The LHI sponsorship department facilitates correspondence and open communication between sponsors and missionaries.

International MissionariesLearn more about missionaries serving with LHI originally from the USA or other nations.These Individuals and families, in many cases have chosen to serve God full time over main-stream careers and vocations. Their sacrificial life of service make the work of Living Hope International possible.

These missionaries serve in a wide range of capacities, ranging from dormitory supervisors, to teachers, maintenance technicians, multi-media, pastoral care and more.

Your monthly gift and ongoing relationship with these missionaries is a way to bless our team of Mexican National Missionaries who are not financially supported by a sending church.

You become a part of their life, sharing in their joys, struggles and dreams, as they serve on your behalf with Living Hope International.

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LHI National Missionaries

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VIEW PROFILEElias & Flora Hernández

Elias & Flora Hernández have been missionaries since 1984. They began their ministry in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, specifically in the Mixteca region…


Jenny Azuara, a native of Puebla, was one of the first workers at Esperanza Viva Youth Home, joining us in September of 1996. She is the right-hand assistant to the director…

VIEW PROFILEMarcos & Mary Hernández

Marcos & Mary Hernández, both from Oaxaca, Mexico, were married in 2004, while serving full-time at Esperanza Viva Youth Home in Puebla…

VIEW PROFILEVania Hernández

Vania Hernández grew up in the ministry, playing with the children of Esperanza Viva in Puebla, and eventually serving in various ways alongside her parents Elias and Flora…

VIEW PROFILEDavid & Sandra Acosta

David & Sandra Acosta met while serving the Lord as supervisors in different dormitories in Esperanza Viva Youth Home in Puebla. They were married in November 2011, and they continue as full-time national missionaries at the youth home…


Rodrigo Ruiz, originally from a small village in the state of Oaxaca, came to La Viña School of Ministry in 2008 and stayed on to participate in our one-year internship. His skills as a handyman and his heart dedicated to serving God made him a valuable addition to the ministry…

VIEW PROFILEVictor & Alejandra Montero

Victor came to live at Esperanza Viva Youth Home-Puebla at age 9. The loving care he received in our home inspired him to seek and know Jesus Christ for himself. Victor is in charge of the audio department, the carpentry workshop and works with the older boys. Ale is the is the coordinator for all visitors and short-term mission teams to Esperanza Viva Youth Home-Puebla and the general coordinator of LHI Missions.

Victor and Alejandra are currently fully sponsored. Please consider a National Missionary in greater need of sponsors.

VIEW PROFILEElizabeth Blanquet

Elizabeth, better known as Ely, is from Mexico City. She is a dorm supervisor and is in charge of the girl’s dormitory wing. She also teaches in the Integral Education Center, the on-site K-12 school, where her passion to serve God helps her teach her students more than just academics

VIEW PROFILEAndrea Castillo

Andrea, a native of Puebla, attended church at Nations Church with her family since 2008. Andrea works in the kitchen everyday and is also a supervisor for the preteen girls, continuously pouring love into them through her quiet patience and tender heart…


Jennifer, a native from the state of Veracruz, first made her mark on the ministry when she arrived as a student for La Viña Ministry Training Center in 2014. She is passionate about transmitting a lifestyle of worship to those around her and is a part of the Nations Church worship team

VIEW PROFILELuis and Alejandra Aguilar

Luis is originally from Chihuahua and Ale is originally from Puebla. Ale first came to Esperanza Viva through Nations Church, where she attended with her family. Luis and Ale met in 2013 while serving at Esperanza Viva. As a couple, they bring enthusiasm to the ministry, and provide a beautiful example of joyful service

VIEW PROFILEMari Carmen Sanchez

Mari Carmen came to live at Esperanza Viva Youth Home-Puebla in 1997. As a teenager, she was part of the youth group worship band and went through our Summer Intensive program in 2006. In 2010, she left her native Puebla and joined the team at Esperanza Viva-Matamoros…


Oscar, a native of Puebla, attended Nations Church with his family. In 2013, he entered the La Viña Ministry Training Center and upon completion he began a one-year internship. During his internship, Oscar served in various areas of the ministry…

VIEW PROFILERamón & Dulce Garzón

Ramón & Dulce Garzón and their two young daughters, Carolina and Victoria, attended Nations Church for three  years. In 2014, they felt urged to make a deeper commitment to the Lord and began serving full-time at Esperanza Viva Youth Home-Puebla…


Hector, a native of the state of Oaxaca, came to La Viña Ministry Training Center in January of 2015. He desired to see others rescued from addictions and wanted to serve God full-time. He works with the preteen boys and teaches physical education not only for Nations School, but for La Viña as well


Kari first made her mark on the ministry when she began attending Nations Church in 2008. While in college, she was active in the young adults group at Nations. She began to study at La Viña Ministry Training Center in August of 2014 and stayed for the one-year internship. She is passionate about serving God, and encouraging the kids to also become followers of Christ. Kari puts her formal training in Education to use…


Aarón, who is from the state of Oaxaca, studied in La Viña Ministry Training Center in 2015. He finished his ministry course and enrolled in the internship program, helping as a driver of ministry vehicles and as a teacher in Nations School. He is currently part of our staff and helps as a dorm supervisor for young boys. Aarón loves spending time with the kids, both in the classroom and in the dormitory.

VIEW PROFILECarmen Camacho

Carmen joined us when she studied in La Viña Ministry Training Center in 2015. After graduation, she completed her internship at our campus in Matamoros, Mexico, as a supervisor for the girls. She returned to Esperanza Viva-Puebla following her internship and now serves in our main office and is a supervisor for the youngest children. Carmen’s easy-going personality and patience makes her a wonderful supervisor and someone that everyone enjoys working around

VIEW PROFILECarolina Martínez

Carolina grew up at Esperanza Viva Youth Home-Puebla. After attending our on-site K-12 school, she took a 2-year Cosmetology course in Puebla. She serves in a girls dormitory and helps in the day care and the kitchen. Caro is a cheerful, creative and outgoing young lady who has a genuine love for the children. She is putting her formal training to use as she often gives haircuts to the children in the youth home…

VIEW PROFILEAracely Espinoza

Aracely, a Puebla native, grew up at Esperanza Viva Youth Home-Puebla. She finished Culinary School and soon afterward, enrolled in La Viña Ministry Training Center. Upon graduation from the training course, she became an intern, putting her culinary training to work in the Living Hope Community kitchen. She also helped in a girls dormitory. As a member of our staff, she is a valuable asset to our kitchen staff, as she trains the team in food preparation, meal planning, baking and cooking, as well as adding her expert touch to the meals at Esperanza Viva-Puebla. Her kind personality and servant attitude make serving alongside her a joy…


VIEW PROFILEAngélica Reyes

Bio coming soon…


Bio coming soon…


Bio coming soon…

VIEW PROFILEAnayeli Lazaro

Anayeli grew up at Esperanza Viva-Puebla. After graduating from high school, Anayeli entered La Viña Ministry Training Center. Anayeli is a supervisor to the youngest girls at Esperanza Viva and helps in the sponsorship department and ministry offices…

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