Help Promote Child Sponsorship

Do you love being a child sponsor?  Do you feel a burden to help more children but do not have the resources?

You can make a difference in the lives of many more children! Share the Gift of Hope Child Sponsorship with your friends, church, co-workers, customers, or others! There are many children who need sponsors, and you can connect them with caring individuals whom you already know.

Child Sponsorship Presentation

You can present child sponsorship to people you know in whatever setting you believe will be effective. Our suggestions are: your church, small group, Sunday school class, work place, or other organization in which you are involved.

Please contact us at or 1-262-381-0121 to request instructions and materials for your presentation, including child sponsorship brochures with mail-in cards, informational packets about specific children, detailed information about how to answer questions, envelopes for new sponsors to mail in cards and first payments and more.

Child Sponsorship Display

You can place a Gift of Hope Child Sponsorship brochure display in your workplace or help us contact local churches and businesses that will allow you to place and stock the display in a visible location where many people will see it and be encouraged to take a brochure.

We suggest places such as churches, restaurants, schools, medical/dental offices, banks, and other local businesses where customers may have to wait for a service.

If you would like more information on helping needy children through the Gift of Hope Child Sponsorship display program, please contact us at or 1-262-381-0121.