The return of hope after oppression

He entered the youth home with matted hair that hung well over his eyes, fresh and faded scars from insect bites acquired while sleeping in the dirt, and a vocabulary far behind his peers at three years of age. It is heart wrenching to see the condition some of the kids are in when they first arrive at their new home—Esperanza Viva (EV).

Like most of the children who enter through our doors, José’s chances at a bright future seemed dim, a hope unreachable despite our name, “Living Hope.” When survival alone is the greatest goal, complete resilience and feelings of any hope can be completely distant concepts to the tender hearts of children who arrive at EV.

But our God is the God of resilience. And hope is attainable despite the circumstances. Today, José is thriving in every area! Six months of prayer, restoration and healing have changed his life. He has entered preschool and his report cards show that he is making progress. His speech has improved and he can now talk above a whisper. His scars are fading and some are gone. His clean, trimmed hair now frames his beautiful face. His smile has grown in width and his friendships are budding with a love of God. We are now able to see the hope that lives within José–the hope and resilience that always dwelled within. The great difference now is that the clouds of circumstances have faded and the warmth of the Son shining in his life is able to be seen.

This is just one story of many that demonstrates the mighty hand of God, guided to the heart of a precious little one whose dreams were waning and hopes were fading. Through God’s grace, lives like José’s are being transformed, and thanks to His truth, hope is returning.