Luis Ángel MuñizLuis Ángel Muñiz

May 24, 2003

Luis Angel originally arrived at Esperanza Viva Youth Home-Puebla in February 2009 with one of his sisters due to family and economic problems. In 2014, Luis Angel and his sister returned to live with their family. Shortly after returning with his mother Luis Angel noticed the patterns of neglect repeating with his mother who was constantly at work. In addition to this, Luis Angel’s school was in a very dangerous and violent area. Within the school, he found himself the target of violence from other kids. Due to these circumstances, Luis Angel, with a sad and heavy heart, asked his mother to return him to Esperanza Viva Youth Home-Puebla. He arrived on December 28, 2016.



Gender: male

Campus: Puebla


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Sibling(s): None at Esperanza Viva


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Luis Ángel MuñizLuis Ángel Muñiz