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Their First Noel and the angels did rejoice.

13 new children will spend their first Christmas with us this year at Esperanza Viva-Puebla. Siblings Brandon and Danna are two of these dear children. We asked them what Christmas was like before coming to Esperanza Viva.

These two shared that their family did not put much spiritual emphasis on Christmas. In casual conversation, Danna mentioned that one of their older siblings had once threatened both her and Brandon with a knife. After that, the older siblings were missing from holiday gatherings.

Many of our children have spent their Christmases bouncing between various orphanages, shelters, homes and the streets. This Christmas, however, will be different; they will be safe and surrounded by love.

We want our children to know that they are unconditionally loved. We want them to know that although they may miss their biological family, they are surrounded by spiritual family and are enveloped in a community that loves them and needs them to play their part in it, every day, but especially at Christmas.

They are now in a safe, stable home. They are being cared for and loved, being educated, receiving healthy meals each day, and are being taught about Jesus daily through both words and actions. This Christmas will be a celebration of hope, of new life coming forth from the broken glass of their pasts, of new possibilities, of a new Father, and a new identity in Christ.

Jesus came into this world as a baby, crying, needing the guidance and protection of his earthly family, but most importantly the unconditional love of His perfect heavenly Father. The children of Esperanza Viva are the same. This Christmas, we want our children to reclaim that kind of childhood, secure in God’s love and ours.