San MartÍn Esperilla

To walk in others’ shoes is an easier task said than done, but isn’t that just what Jesus did when He came to this earth? Did He not walk in human sandals, among mire and dirt, among sadness and brokenness, to reach down, wash our feet, and walk with us?


Missionary Spotlight: Getting to Know Josh & Ivonne McNally

Marty and Mary Madsen have served the Lord faithfully with their many talents as part of the Living Hope team of missionaries for more than 18 years. We are excited to report that after several years serving the ministry from the United States, they have returned to the mission field in Puebla, to serve with as much passion as ever!


25 Years: Just Getting Started

When Jerry McNally was 37 years old he had a soul-searching decision to make. What we see today as a robust, multi-faceted ministry, was just a fresh idea. With a handful of boys living in their home, he felt the weight of a decision that could absorb the rest of his life. It was a decision to pursue what he felt God had laid on his heart as The City of Hope, where much of what you see today was only a dream. Could such a vision of an orphanage, school, ministry institute, church, clinic, and more come together under his watch on a single campus in Mexico?