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20 Years by the Numbers

20 Years by the Numbers

20 Years by the Numbers

So much has happened in our first 20 years. We’ve had trials and blessings, we’ve made friends and built buildings. The most important part, by far, is the thousands of lives touched through the relationships and resources God has entrusted to our care. Here is a peek at some of the standout numbers:

  • 355 young people have been trained for ministry through our 5-month course at La Viña Ministry Institute. We currently have 28 students enrolled in our 21st class.
  • 526 at-risk children have been personally cared for at Esperanza Viva Youth Homes. Each arrives with a tragic story of heartache and hurts, abuse and neglect, yet we have an opportunity to introduce them to a better life, full of God’s love and opportunities they would never have had on their own.
  • 30 teachers have worked patiently with our students. Many of our kids arrive with little or no education, often years behind their peers. With education comes self-respect and opportunity.
  • 10,000  friends have visited us. Those who make the trip to Mexico come to be a blessing, and while this is certainly true, they rarely return home without feeling they have been blessed, too, and many feel a new burden and desire in their hearts to further what God is doing through LHI.

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