If you’re hosting a Watch Party and/or wish to confirm the video event will work properly on your screen, contact Dave at 1-262-381-0121 opt. 5

Private Watch Parties

Make a special night of the event. Invite some friends, put out some snacks or even offer a meal, then stream the event on your TV.

Register your party and LHI will provide host/co-host resources for your guests.

Sharing this video with your prospective Watch Party guests is a great idea!

A few key next steps to consider:
  1. Verify you can play a web link on your TV in the room you wish to use.

    1. Chromecast, Roku, Firestick, PS, HDMI cable from a laptop…

  2. Register your party on our website so we can get your resources mailed.

  3. Pray about who to invite

    1. Not necessarily just those who love LHI but consider strategic and thoughtful prospective guests who you can introduce to the ministry of LHI.

  4. Invite people to your Party. (Perhaps a private Facebook Event or Group will help you organize your Private Watch Party.) A basic email invite template is available on this page as a starting point.

  5. Help keep energy and anticipation high with “event minus 2 weeks”, “2 days”, and “tomorrow” reminders to your guests.

  6. Help LHI by sharing event-centric posts from LHI social media to your own accounts on social media.

Thanks to those who were able to join the Private Watch Party orientation meeting. In case you missed it, here is the private link to the recorded replay.

Ready to invite guests to your Private Watch Party?

Copy/paste this email template to jumpstart your invite:


I would like to invite you to a special night coming up on DAY, September ##, at TIME, for a special gathering at LOCATION WITH ADDRESS. As you may know, I have been involved with Living Hope International, a wonderful US non-profit that operates an orphanage in southern Mexico (near Puebla, to be exact). The ministry they operate goes far beyond caring for children and extends into discipleship training for young adults, a Pre-K–12 school, church planting, and a medical clinic.

Living Hope, like most orgs, have had to really rethink how they raise awareness and critical funds in these difficult times of COVID, so they are hosting a live stream event and I would love for you to join us, in person, to a Watch Party.

We plan to provide INSERT SNACKS, BEVERAGES, MEAL, CHILDCARE, OR ANY OTHER DETAILS PERTINENT TO YOUR INVITE, but most of all we would just love to introduce you to an org that we are truly excited about, that is doing wonderful work.

Please reply to let me know if you think you are able and interested to attend and how many, so I can plan accordingly.

If you would like to know more about the event itself, here is the link on the Living Hope website:


Perhaps a private Facebook Event or Group will help you organize your Private Watch Party.

Your Private Watch Party kit will be mailed in advance and include:

  • Event host overview instructions. Includes a welcome message script and general expectations of the event.
  • Event-specific giving/pledge card bookmark keepsakes offering multiple giving options – with a preference toward online donations (03-124)
  • Reply envelopes addressed TO Living Hope International for guest mail-in donations
  • The LHI ministry overview brochure (03-110)
  • Child Sponsorship Profile Cards for Esperanza Viva children in need of sponsors (16-043)
  • Reach newsletters – September issue (04-066)

Basic Info

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

  • 6:30pm Central pre-event features begins
  • 7pm Central event stream begins
  • Duration: <1 hour

Questions: 1-262-381-0121 opt. 9 or by email

Hospitality Requirements for Private Watch Party Sites

  • Seating: Social distance spaced at what you are comfortable with as a host.
  • MC/Host: Someone who will do a basic welcome, follow a provided script with expectations and anticipated flow of the event, and gather sealed envelopes of donations. 
  • Guest Wi-Fi: During the fundraising event, guests will be prompted to give online via their mobile device. Some buildings may not have suitable cellular signals. Some guests may opt to stream the event on their mobile device concurrently, to utilize chat, reaction emojis, and navigate interactive elements independently of what is being projected.
  • Bottled Water: To accommodate the estimated audience
  • Collecting Cash/Check Donations: LHI will coordinate the retrieval of sealed cash or check donations OR hosts will be provided mail-in instructions.

Tech Requirements

  • Audio: Amplified from the webstream to the audience
  • Video: A method to cast or otherwise project a web link to the screen.
    • If you do NOT have a “smart TV”, there are a number of devices that enable your TV to receive a Bluetooth signal sent from your phone/tablet/computer. (Roku, Chromecast, Firestick are options. These hardware devices require an HDMI port on your TV and range in price at local stores or online for $35-60.) A cable connecting your streaming device to your TV/screen may be an option but these vary greatly by device and audio may need to be connected independently.
    • Suggested screen size: Large enough to fit the “rule of thumb” from back-row seating.
    • Stream delivery service/platform likely: managed web link.


  • Childcare: Some hosts may be able or interested in offering childcare. That would be up to the host to coordinate and offer.
  • Food/Beverage: Some hosts may be able or interested in offering coffee, other beverages, snacks, desserts, or even a meal. That would be up to the host to coordinate and offer.