Walking with the Older Kids

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Rescue is an action. It reaches and saves someone from disaster. In God’s rescue in our own lives, He does not merely rescue us once and say, “You are now on your own.” He daily reaches down and embraces us where we’re at.

Luis and Ale Aguilar (featured above), who formerly served as the directors of Esperanza Viva–Matamoros, have taken on the important role of walking alongside the older teens, 15 years old and above, in learning vital life skills empowering them to embrace their next steps. This is not a full-on course but a crucial effort to instill character traits that these young men and women will surely put to use in the coming years.

A remote off-campus living space for the girls and one for the boys will serve to guide these young adults in their walk towards independence. They will begin to manage their own food budget and living expenses, along with gaining work experience in various roles within the Esperanza Viva campus.

Our heart and mission is to actively come alongside these young men and women in God’s continual rescue of their lives. We are expectant to see what God will do in each of them, as they acquire and develop essential skills, to live a life of freedom and victory.

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