Answering The Call

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When you think about missions away from your home, serving at Esperanza Viva Youth Home might come to your mind. A Week of Hope with the children from our orphanage while using your unique gifts that God has so specifically chosen for you could be just what you have been (or are being) called to do.
We are an extension of you and your faithfulness to answer the call. Through your prayers, commitment to short-term missions, and giving, God has provided and Living Hope International has been able to continue rescuing children, training leaders, and reaching the unreached.
Missions is not exclusive to experienced church leaders or programs. God calls us all to go out, use our gifts, and serve to further His kingdom. The invitation from God can seem to be, or truly be, completely out of our comfort zone and we may have no idea where to start. It’s interesting that the same call that makes our heart race with an array of emotions, can simultaneously bring a peaceful assurance.
We pray for wisdom, clarity, and peace as you respond to God’s calling to use the unique gifts you have, whether that means taking a step out of your own door, or taking the leap beyond your own barriers.

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