20 Years of Living Hope!

20 Years of Living Hope!

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We’ve Come So Far, Reaching “The Least Of These”—With Your Help.

Twenty years ago when a scared and filthy little boy living on the streets peered up at missionary Jerry McNally, he asked a question which still rings true today: “Will you help me?” It was as though his young, brown eyes were not those of a child, but those of Christ himself. His situation was deemed hopeless by his social system, his family and his culture, but not by the God of the universe, and not by the McNallys— servants with eyes open to what God needed of them.

“Will you help me?” It is a simple question that, when asked by a little boy, is both practical and desperate. However, when asked by the God of the universe, who desires laborers in a world of pain and waning hope, it is a challenge, a conviction, an invitation, an opportunity, a commandment.

Throughout our 20-year history, we have had moments of heartache, adventure, healing, and vision, all anchored in hope —Living Hope.

Recently our vision has come into focus more clearly than ever. We rescue children, but we don’t stop there. It is God’s calling on our ministry to train up young people to be world changers—beacons of light and hope. Whether it is one of the children we’ve rescued from abuse, or one of the young adults equipped by our La Viña Ministry Institute, God will loose them like an arrow into a dark world hungry for hope.

So much has happened in our first 20 years. Where will we be 20 years from now? What about next year? Will you join us in this labor of love? Is God asking you, ”Will you help me?”

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