A Perfect Match

A Perfect Match

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Rescuing Children – Training Leaders


Hope. It is a powerful thing. It is often coupled with a dream of change. Change. A goal that once attained is valued beyond measure and reason to reflect on the past.

As a ministry, our common goal is to impact and transform lives. Each day within the walls of our youth homes, hope is alive. We bear witness to miracles each day. Victories of children hurting and the miracle of seeing them smile again, seeing them trust again. We are blessed to be a part of their process.

Such is the story of one young man, but more than that it is a miracle of the power of hope. Victor arrived at Esperanza Viva when he was 10 years old, before that he had never known a real home. He was abandoned by his parents and moved in and out of government orphanages for several years. He ended up on the streets. He learned to take care of himself because life taught him that he was on his own. Victor grew up alone, his heart was hardened, his resolve: “Don’t let anyone in.”

He arrived to his loving new home. He received healing and grew in his faith.

He found change and was free to hope again.

Today, Victor is a living, breathing testament to the power of the Gospel to change lives. He has a passion to impact others through the change he experienced from that moment when he grabbed hold of God and decided to live for His purposes. His new resolve: “Never let go.”

Victor met Alejandra in 2008. Her first encounter with our ministry was attending an Es Tiempo conference hosted at Nations Church. She made her mark on the ministry while serving as a greeter at Nations Church, welcoming people with her contagious smile. Ale had a passion for serving others and missions. She entered La Viña Ministry Institute, followed by an internship and ultimately joined our full-time staff.

The two worked alongside one another for several years and developed a friendship with shared interests and a common purpose: to spread hope through the message of Christ.

Six years later, Victor and Ale were united as husband and wife. Their lives are a glimpse of what God can do when hearts are open and hope is alive.

With friends and family gathered on the beautifully decorated Esperanza Viva grounds, in front of all of the children, they demonstrated how when lives are aligned with God’s perfect plan, true hope and healing is not just for some, it is for all who choose to follow God. Their story is now a testimony to the next generation, to the delight of their Creator.

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