A Week of Hope

A Week of Hope

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Where God turns your missions trip into a spiritual encounter like no other

We strive to ensure our visiting missions teams have a profound and lasting encounter with God. We want to get out of the way and allow what God has planned for each individual to take place; the results are humbling and inspiring. It is not about how many bricks are laid, games are played, or even the memories made, it is about the God of creation loving on His children in a setting that can only be described as having a supernatural anointing of unity and love.

Never been?

Here is what a few 2017 visitors had to say of their visit.…

God’s love is overwhelmingly present in that place—it felt like I was home. For the first time, God truly burdened my heart for people. My desire has changed from pursuing my dreams to pursuing the will of God by serving His people.” –Julia

“I had heard so much about the ministry over the years, but it was incredible to see the hands of God over everything. I can just see tangibly how powerful our God is through what He has chosen to do here.” –Kim

“On this trip, the Holy Spirit poured into me immeasurably more than I poured out, my flock was discipled deeply–in Spirit and Truth–and I feel we genuinely made a difference.” –Pastor Paul

How will you describe your visit to Mexico? Unless you go, you’ll never know.

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