Build a Love of Learning

Build a Love of Learning

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For countless children in Mexico, attending school is impossible due to broken families, homelessness and other burdens too large for their small shoulders to carry. At Esperanza Viva, we strive to create a learning environment full of hope and opportunity. Many of our children attend school for the first time in their lives when they come to Esperanza Viva. These children often have a special gleam in their eyes that reflects their joy and love of learning.

One of these children is Satyuri. To many she is just another face amongst the rest of the third grade students, but she is much more than that. She has awakened to hope. She is alive and she is dreaming. Although she is grade levels behind in some areas, she shines. Her love of learning is evident in each worksheet and notebook that her pencil has come across. She is a natural leader and an excellent student with a new chance at life. In the classroom, she is quiet but confident, determined and dedicated.

Our desire is to build a new school where the children of Esperanza Viva can thrive, a school worthy of their biggest hopes and dreams. Satyuri dreams of one day becoming a doctor. Some might say this dream is too big, or too ambitious for her. What do you say? With the completion of our school building we will be eligible to be fully accredited and ready to help Satyuri and others reach their full potential.

Brick by Brick We Can Do This!

A school cannot be built for only $1,000. However, when like-minded individuals and families join their hearts and resources, incredible things can happen. We are looking for 610 gifts of $1,000 to turn our vision into a reality. Will you consider partnering with us and others who are prayerfully considering giving sacrificially or out of their abundance? With each “brick” of $1,000, we can build our school, creating a physical structure from a vision, and instilling a love of learning in our precious children.

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