Hope for Josué

Hope for Josué



How do you comfort a little boy as he says goodbye to his single mother, dying of cancer and in noticeably diminished health with each visit? Praying with Josue and his family is our greatest response. Praying God would send His peace which surpasses all understanding and the spiritual fortitude to weather this storm, knowing that they will someday be reunited, free from pain and sorrow.

Like Josue, each child has a unique story, but one thing they have in common is when they arrive at Esperanza Viva Youth Homes, they are hungry for hope.

During the planning stage of our Puebla campus, a volunteer from Stanford University asked Jerry McNally about the process of receiving a new child and how life-changing it must be for them. The question inspired Jerry to create the Garden of Hope, a safe place where children could draw encouragement from inscribed notes, verses and names of the many men, women, families, businesses and churches who love them enough to build our community of hope and healing.

We encourage you to join LHI in supporting our goal to rescue children and train leaders. When you partner with us for $1,000 or more you can put an inscription of your choice on one of the memorial walls for kids like Josue, and future generations to draw strength from as they overcome their painful pasts.

Often kids visit this serene place to be reminded of their new life and the lasting hope so many find here. Josue can visit knowing his mother truly wanted what was best for him—entrusting him into our loving care, thanks to those who make this home possible.

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