Introducing Nations School

Introducing Nations School

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With a brand new school building, it is time for an official name!

We want to introduce you to: Colegio Naciones, or when translated, Nations School. “Colegio” is not to be confused with the presumed translation college, locally the term signifies a prestigious school for all ages. This new name naturally places the school within our greater vision—to reach the world (nations) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Visually, the logo for the new school complements our family of ministry brands with a scholastic twist.

Consider the Tools

President Lincoln is attributed to this insight: Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

This president, an advocate of the rights of the oppressed and helpless, understood that the right tools, along with adequate preparation, are a higher priority in the task at hand than mere physical force.

We must now consider the tools needed to equip the first-ever onsite school at Esperanza Viva. It is time to complete the funding for the things so many take for granted in a school. Things like a hands-on science lab, modern curriculum, the latest learning resources, technology to connect to a fast-paced world of communication and information, not to mention the in-house medical clinic needed as the first line of wellness and treatment for the children.

We have carefully planned what it will take to construct and equip our school, assessing the capacity and potential as the campus grows and as the community commits to sending their children to us to be educated. We have spent 23 years teaching children in tents and the hour to bring down barriers to education is fast approaching.

Join us now in the final stretch of preparation and equipping as our teachers take hold of the proper tools for the task at hand.


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