Marginal Difference


If reading this page makes you uncomfortable, imagine what living life on the edge of survival feels like. Share some margin, and make all the difference in the life of a child today.

Margin. Webster’s defines it as “a bare minimum or an extreme limit, beyond which something becomes impossible.” Margin is the money you tucked away for a rainy day, or the time off you took for your vacation. You may have just enough, but in many parts of the world having some extra margin is nothing but a dream.

In Mexico, it is estimated that between 47-52% of the population lives below the poverty line. Unable to save money in case of emergency, they survive day to day. They live on the margin of society, but they have no margin for error – the slightest incident could bring them and their families to the brink.

This life is already hard to imagine; now try to imagine it through the eyes of a child. Going to bed with a growling tummy because there isn’t always enough food. Hearing your parents fight and not understanding how scared they are. Being exposed to danger every day, because a better place to live is impossible.

For many of these children, a little extra of anything is hard to come by, and they live on the edge of surviving—or not.

This is who we serve: the marginalized, the forgotten. They are victims of poverty and abuse, and arrive unable to comprehend any kind of life besides the one they have always known. In caring for them, we show them a new way to live, one where resources are carefully utilized and stored, and there is always enough to eat. The changes that happen when a little bit extra is added to a child’s life are amazing.

We are called not just to give, but also to care. “Care for the widows and orphans in their distress,” James 1:27 encourages us. Jesus reminds us that we will be known by our love (John 13:35). There are people in this world who live on next to nothing, desperate for the smallest kindness. There are children wondering when their next meal will be, whose bones aren’t growing for lack of nutrition. This is who we are called to rescue – will you help change their lives?

How can you share the margin you have with those who have none? You could use your free time to pray for our ministry. You could use your extra money to sponsor a child. You can use your vacation purposefully to visit and help begin the healing process for these children. You could donate what you have to those who have so little. You can bring love to the broken-hearted.

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