Q&A With Kids: Luis Manuel

Q&A With Kids: Luis Manuel


Tell us about yourself?

I’m 17 years old. I arrived at EV with my two brothers and two sisters when I was six. I like all types of sports and enjoy listening to electronic music.

Do you like school?

I’m two years from finishing high school and am really enjoying the new school program, especially the new physical education classes and other workshops.

How do you feel about having classmates from outside of EV?

I’ve made friends with my new classmates, and regularly invite them to youth group. Two of them have even started going to church!

Luis Manuel upon arrival at age six.

Do you have any other responsibilities?

I help out with grounds maintenance. It started as one of my duties, but I’ve done my best to be faithful and now I enjoy it. I’ve also been challenging myself to read at least one chapter of the Bible each day, but often I find myself reading up to four chapters.

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