Q&A With Kids: Malu

Q&A With Kids: Malu

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What are some of your favorite pastimes?

I really enjoy drawing, playing volleyball and dancing. In fact, I’ve been able to help choreograph and dance for some of the special events at our youth group.

What is one of your recent accomplishments?

I’m going to be graduating 9th grade this year and so I had to take several tests to place into high school [high school in Mexico is only 3 years]. I was nervous but excited because this is a big step for me. I found out the results just a few days ago and on each one of them I got an A+!

What is one of the coolest things God has done lately?

The other week, a girl from one of the STM groups, Megan, sat with the girls in my dorm every day at lunch. She began to chat with me, and at first I didn’t want to open up to her since I’ve felt distant and non-talkative lately. But then I began to realize how God was using her to remind me that He’s still there for me. She didn’t realize it, but her actions spoke so loud and clear that God will never leave me, and I appreciate her friendship so much!

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