Reaching New Nations

Reaching New Nations


South Sudan, literally the world’s newest nation, is rife with need for the Gospel and peace.

By: Jerry McNally

In light of our recent missions trip to Africa, I want to share our purpose, vision and calling for LHI Missions. Our calling is unto the least of these, from street children to the neediest nations of the world. We have been in the process of raising up leaders to fulfill this calling for some time, and I am extremely blessed with the team of committed workers we currently have.

South Sudan is one of the most destitute places on the face of the earth today. We recently sent our first short-term missions team there, and in the future I would love to send a team to establish a permanent base of ministry. However, this would require a very strong team of trained leaders, as well as the Lord’s will and timing. At the present time, the country is extremely unstable and therefore its future is unpredictable.

I believe that missions trips to foreign lands is the next step in preparing our staff and others to be better equipped. Please continue to pray with us for the Lord’s direction and timing in every step.

Josh McNally pictured with a Mundari boy in Terekeka, South Sudan, Africa, during an LHI Missions trip in April 2015.

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