Success Through a Wide-Angle Lens

Success Through a Wide-Angle Lens

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As Christians, we often struggle to wait upon the Lord and His promises. In our nature, we are prone to impatience and quick to make an all-or-nothing evaluation of an organization’s success. At times, we watch a new ministry with critical eyes, scrutinize sacrificial giving, and struggle to maintain a positive view of the direction of the global Christian Church. Pessimism steals our joy and clouds our view of God’s miracles.

At Esperanza Viva, we would love to tout a 100% track record for children entering the world after their time in our care. It is our prayer and dream to see each child leave fully committed to the Lord and that commitment reflected in every facet of their lives. We would love this for your children, for all children, for all people. However, as the youth of Esperanza Viva head out into the world, we are learning this is not always the case. Yet, we rejoice in the beauty of their personal journeys, as they make progress and take positive steps in starting their own families, jobs, and ministries. We encourage them when they stumble, and we can find peace in the mission complete. What mission? The LHI mission: To rescue children, train leaders and reach the nations with the Gospel. We can ponder where these young adults would be today were it not for the first phase of our mission; to rescue.

Would they be homeless, trapped in abuse, imprisoned… dead?

As the Holy Spirit brings the Gospel to life in the hearts and lives of the children of EV, we can rest assured–and even boast in the promise–that as we are faithful to the role He’s called us to, the Lord will be faithful to His—to draw all men unto Himself.

as we are faithful to the role He’s called us to, the Lord will be faithful to His

We all have a role. What is yours? Will you “visit the orphans” in their distress whom God holds dear? Will you partner with us financially and prayerfully, that more children would receive from the sacred mission before us? Let us wait upon the Lord “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus,” just as the Apostle Paul penned to the Philippians. Let us cling to the living hope found only in Christ, for the lives of the youth of Mexico and beyond.

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