The Story Behind our Look

The Story Behind our Look

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Responding to a young boy named Juan and his desperate plea for help, Jerry McNally was determined to get him off the streets and into a safe place. Attempting to find a safe place for Juan, Jerry searched the city, only to be scoffed at and repeatedly turned away. The people at the children’s homes claimed, “There is no hope for him,” firmly believing Juan and children like him were too wounded and broken by their circumstances to ever be restored.

Challenged by these words, Jerry began Esperanza Viva Youth Home being completely convinced that through Christ there is always hope. There is hope for healing and restoration for the weary, the broken and the wounded. Jesus is the living hope that reaches down from heaven and takes us by the hand, even before we know we need rescuing.

Living Hope in name, logo and ministry, strives to bring visible hope to the world, not only by rescuing children in Mexico, but through raising leaders to be sent around the globe. Just as God reaches out to us and Jerry reached out to Juan, Living Hope International continues to reach out a helping hand to those in need and in seemingly hopeless situations, to bring hope not only for a brighter future on earth, but an eternal future through Jesus.

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