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Their Journey Together

Their Journey Together


Nearly every day, amidst the crowd of kids playing on the playground, a little group of children can often be found playing together. Two tiny mischief-makers are flanked by a curly-haired girl and a serious-faced boy, watching over them as they play. Azul, Italia, and twins Jenifer and Iran, are siblings brought to us in July. The children grew up in an extremely abusive situation and arrived already weary, having just left a state-run children’s home where the family was split apart and only able to see each other a few moments a day. When they arrived, the children had received little to no formal schooling and were behind in their studies; at five years old, Jenifer and Irán could not recognize most numbers and letters.

Since coming to Esperanza Viva, Azul, Italia, Jenifer and Iran have been able to grow, not only individually, but as a family. Whenever they have a chance, the siblings are quick to come together. Azul is growing into a bright, responsible boy and Italia has learned how to read. Jenifer and Iran have brought a splash of—often calamitous—fun to their respective dormitories, and most of all, they are able to be a family again, in a place that celebrates what family really means. To quote Azul, “I’m just so happy to be here.”

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