Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation: Part 3

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A Global Plague

A closer look at how your support of Living Hope International directly fights the war on sexual exploitation.
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18 Miles from Hope & Healing

Esperanza Viva was founded in response to the lie “these kids are hopeless.” Many of the children we take in are orphans but not always in the way you would think. Sex trafficking is Mexico’s second most lucrative form of organized crime and according to many sources, only rising and claiming more lives. Anti-trafficking networks consider the town of Tenancingo, a mere 18 miles from the Puebla campus, to be the biggest source of trafficked persons in the United States and call it the sex slavery capital of Mexico. This atrocity is a part of so many of our kids’ stories—being forced into it by the very ones entrusted to keep them safe, while others have seen mothers and siblings trapped with no way out. Still, with much HOPE we can speak out and declare that this will not be their future. We will continue to fight for health and freedom in every way for the kids in our homes and the community around us. When you love, support, visit, and pray for the kids of Esperanza Viva, you are fighting against modern-day slavery. You are saving lives.

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