What Am I Missing?

What Am I Missing?


What Am I Missing?

As the changing of the season becomes more and more evident and the cool breeze announces winter’s arrival, we prepare and we gather. This gathering of hearts is central to our existence. We cherish these moments and hold them dear.

The desire of our ministry is to see hearts restored and we are aware that healing and restoration take time, especially in respect to families. We reflect on the children’s journeys and find hope in the truth that they have come a long way from their first day with us. They have made new friends and even forged lifelong bonds with a new kind of family, but their reality persists. Many of the children in our care are the only siblings to have made it out of abuse or neglect safely. Their older sibling stayed with mom simply because their age allowed them to work and pitch in. Often times this work endangers their lives. The younger sibling stayed with mom because they were still a baby. Yet, here they live, apart from their family, wondering what they’re missing, and why they were excluded. Was it for their own good, or because they weren’t good enough?

Was it for their own good, or because they weren’t good enough?

Their heart’s struggles are very real and on the surface, exposed. They are battling with thoughts of injustice and feelings of longing for reunion in spite of the hurt.

The years have taught us that this battle is a part of the process. We pray. We are all a part of this process, all called to help. We pray. We have embraced them in their hurt. We pray. We have partaken in their joys. And we pray. We have witnessed victory through forgiveness and redemption. And we continue to pray.

A Christmas Prayer:

Dear heavenly father, renew in my life what it means to be your child. You love me, you want nothing but the best for me. Jesus, as we celebrate your birth and humanity this Christmas, give an extra measure of your peace and joy to the children living at Esperanza Viva. You know their hurt, because you’ve suffered man’s rejection. Mend hearts, settle minds and draw us all ever-closer to you and your love. Amen

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