La Viña: Training Leaders on All-New Levels


With bravery and open hearts, two girls who grew up at Esperanza Viva Youth Home are attending the 27th class of La Viña Ministry Institute. Grecia and Lupita will participate in a program that has already trained nearly 500 students. Started in 2003, the vision for La Viña was to provide a place to raise and equip future leaders. Students pass through 1-3 levels of training, depending on their needs and abilities. The first level is four and a half months of intense Bible study, service and evangelism. After graduation, they can apply for Level 2 which is six months of continued study and volunteering their gifts within the ministries of Living Hope International. Level 3 is six additional months serving in a concentrated area within the ministry. It has been a joy to see so many young adults from Mexico, the United States and beyond following what God has called them to!

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