Big Dreams • Big God


For a child who once lived in a constant battle to numb the pain of reality, safety and hope seem foreign and unattainable. Children living in poverty, facing abuse, neglect, and unmentionable hardships are still children, whose lives matter and were created with a purpose.

At Esperanza Viva Youth Home, all children are given a new opportunity to dream, to hope, and to live the life they did not allow themselves to dream of. Once limited by their pasts, each child now has a real opportunity to become more than what they thought was within their reach. Attending Nations School, the children are often asked what they would like to be when they grow up; it is a simple question that a child answers without restrictions on their imagination. Their faces light up at the thought of becoming astronauts, surgeons, chefs, and dancers!
And why not? 

Through perseverance and determination, these children are overcoming their pasts and day to day are getting closer to reaching their dreams. As the children get older, their dreams become their goals, goals with clear steps to follow and they are no longer the whimsical ideas that they might have daydreamed about. 

We believe that each child can live a life of purpose and providing opportunities for education and personal growth are crucial aspects of helping them in their unique journeys. As the youth of Esperanza Viva finish high school they are breaking through the limitations once placed on them by their past and we want to help them get to the finish line.

We want the children to know that they are free to dream, and dream big. And when the time comes, we desire to help them pursue the life that they hadn’t dared to dream of.

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