Braulio Emergency

Braulio Emergency

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Friday, July 1

Dear Friends,

Every so often, we are reminded just how fragile life is. It has now been 3 weeks since an unconscious Braulio was rushed into our on-site clinic in the arms of a staff member. As we hurried to the hospital he drifted in and out of consciousness and required life-saving resuscitation multiple times. We almost lost one of our dear children.

Praise God, my daughter, Jess, who is our on-site nurse, was on hand and able to assist as we rushed to the closest capable care in the area. The following minutes of uncertainty turned to hours, then to days – as he was put into a protective coma to stop unrelenting seizures. We do not yet fully know the initial diagnosis, but epilepsy is the likely cause.

Susy, myself and the entire Living Hope family are so very grateful for the outpouring of your prayers, encouragement and gifts we have received at this critical time. As we shared online and on Facebook, Braulio is now back on campus at, and resting under constant supervision. He remains on anti-seizure medication and is slowly regaining his strength but his long-term prognosis is still unclear.

Please keep praying for his recovery as we have what appears to be a long road ahead.

Resting in the promises of God,

Jerry and Susy McNally
and the Living Hope Family

– – – – –

Thank You!

During the last week, our Living Hope family has been humbled by the outpouring of prayer, concern, encouragement and financial support on behalf of Braulio, who fell critically ill last Thursday. Thank you! We clearly serve a God who answers prayers and is ever-faithful. We appreciate your continued prayers as it is a long road ahead for this young man.

– – – – –

Monday, June 20

Braulio has been released from the hospital and is now recuperating in our on-site clinic under 24-hour monitoring. His condition remains stable but he continues to have bouts of confusion and weakness. We expect Braulio to be monitored in private care for at least another week. His motor skills appear good but brain function is not at 100%. We remain hopeful that time and continued care will prevent any relapses and his health will be fully restored. Please keep praying.

– – – – –

Thursday, June 16, 3pm

Braulio has now had his feeding and ventilation assistance removed and is remaining stable and seizure free, in part to strong medication. Although cautious in our optimism, Braulio is responding quite well. He is demonstrating good motor and speech skills and has even been able to recognize people. It remains unclear what triggered the event. He is still in the hospital and has a long road ahead, but we are ever-thankful for what God is doing in Braulio’s life. Please keep praying.

– – – – –

Wednesday, June 15, 3pm

Braulio has now opened his eyes and has responded to questions with subtle yes/no head movements. We are hopeful that today he can be extubated from eating and breathing assistance. Doctors still have no diagnosis of what caused his initial problems and we continue to work on stabilizing him. We have a long ways to go. He is still heavily medicated to prevent seizures of which he has had only a few in the last 24 hours. Please keep praying.

– – – – –

Tuesday, June 14, 10am

Cautiously Optimistic. As Braulio emerged from his coma, with the exception of some initial mild seizures, he has continued to progress positively. He is completely off of the sedation medication but remains on strong anti-seizure medication. He has remained seizure-free for 24 hours. This is a good sign. The neurologist and intensive care team are optimistic that today will be the day he completely wakes up and is extubated and begins normal breathing. Some next steps in his recovery will be opening his eyes, attempts at movement and assessing brain function.

Please continue praying. God can do all things and we pray that He brings Braulio to full recovery.

– – – – –

Monday, June 13, 10am

This morning is the start of a critical day in Braulio’s prognosis. While the last 4 days have all been critical, today is perhaps the most significant. Throughout the evening, the medically induced coma was lifted. It will take most of today for him to awake. During this waking process he will be monitored closely for signs of seizure and/or instability. The purpose for being in the coma initially was to allow the swelling in his brain time to decrease. We are hopeful that God will touch his life and bring healing and restoration.

– – – – –

Saturday, June 11, 9pm

Braulio’s medical condition continues to be in dire need of prayer as he is currently in a medically-induced coma in hopes that the seizures he was having will stop.

His siblings and known family have been notified and we are doing all that we can to ensure he receives quality care at this delicate time.

It is still unclear what triggered his health emergency.

The next 24-36 hours will be very important in his prognosis.

– – – – –

Friday, June 10, 11:30am

Please join us in prayer as one of the young people in our care is amid a medical emergency. Braulio suddenly fell ill yesterday and has been hospitalized and is in serious condition. Pray that God would spare his life and restore his body to full health.

So far, a number of tests have come back negative and the doctors are doing what they can to keep him stable and diagnose what is happening.

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More about Braulio:


Birth Date: June 5, 1997

Braulio is the sixth of seven children, three of whom live here at Esperanza Viva. His mother was an alcoholic and his father eventually left them. Braulio’s oldest sister would take care of the four youngest children throughout the day. Someone told Braulio’s mother about Esperanza Viva Youth Home, so she sent the children here. They came on August 8, 1998. When Braulio’s father found out, he came to see them. Right now the children have a better relationship with their father. They haven’t heard from their mother, however, in years.

Braulio is a friendly and hard-working young man. He can often be found playing soccer or hanging out with friends. He just graduated high school and planned to enter the La Viña Ministry Institute this August. Braulio receives encouragement from his sisters to attend a university someday.

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