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A Life and Heart Restored

Braulio was working in the kitchen in mid-June when a fellow staff noticed he was strangely quiet and unresponsive. A few minutes later he collapsed, losing consciousness. The next few hours were a blur, as Braulio was rushed to a nearby hospital and doctors began the long process of trying to determine what happened and why. Staff at Living Hope scrambled to get a message out to supporters to pray! Pray for healing and so many responded…

Two days later, while he was still in a coma, several staff members went to visit him. Keti remembers having to put on a white gown, a protective cap, and a face mask before entering his room. “Brau,” she said softly. “Hey. I wanted to visit and encourage you. You’d be so surprised at how many people are praying for you. Seriously. Keep fighting, Brau. You’re so strong. God wants to renew you.”

Four days later, the doctors gradually weaned him off the coma-inducing medication with hopes that he would soon wake.

“I couldn’t bring myself to think of the possible reality of him leaving us. Someone told me that 80 percent of people who are medically induced into comas suffer brain damage. What if he forgets all of us?” shared Keti.

A couple of days later Braulio woke and miraculously recognized faces. Although there weren’t many medical answers, our prayers were heard and Braulio returned to Esperanza Viva!

Braulio is a living miracle, his story and his future are a shining beacon of God’s great love and power. This is Living Hope.

Did I tell you about the last dream I had before I left the hospital?” he asked. “I was laying in the hospital room, and I felt an overwhelming peace and tranquility. A doctor walked in and began to work on my heart. Not physically, but he began to remove things from my heart–certain memories, feelings and sins. The doctor didn’t stop until he had removed everything, and each time I felt a weight lift off of me. The doctor left me clean, my heart restored. He said, ‘Your heart is clean now. Each time it becomes stained or marked, I’ll be right here to fix and restore it.’ When I woke up, I knew that the doctor was Jesus. 





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