Building a Church and a Building Too

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Due to increasing attendance, aging buildings, and harsh mountain weather, critical construction is underway to expand the facilities of Nations Church–Itundijia, Oaxaca, with plans to eventually double the auditorium size to accommodate the 100’s in attendance, many of whom are currently left to participate from outdoor overflow areas.

Long before the McNallys began the ministry to abandoned children in the big city of Puebla, their hearts were burdened to reach “the least of these” in the mountainous region of the state of Oaxaca. A church in Itundujia, high in the mountains, is one of the fruits of their church-planting labor in the 1980’s. This church, currently pastored by Moises, a dear man mentored by Jerry, is now in need of a bigger building. As we know, the church is not a building; it is the body of Christ, with the task of taking His Gospel to the utmost parts of the earth. This group of believers in the Itundujia area have faithfully shared the Good News, and the people who gather for meetings no longer fit in the rustic wooden building they have been using.  Blueprints have been drawn, the walls are going up, and this year we will see the finished building. Pastor Moises is excited for this expansion and shared with the church, “We need to be ready to receive many more people who will be added to this congregation, to the glory of God.”

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