Choosing Hope

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As we face the many daily challenges of raising and inspiring young lives once battling real-life torment, we catch glimpses of hope-filled futures. New smiles are born each day as hearts continue toward the goal of complete healing and joy.

Such is the story of a young boy, Angel, at Esperanza Viva. Having first arrived at the age of five, along with his older sister, he was rescued from a life exposed to the crude reality of a community plagued by prostitution and abuse. He found shelter and peace within the youth home’s safety. Several years later, in a situation not uncommon to our type of ministry, he and his sister were removed from our care and returned to the same place they once called home.

I don’t know that I can call myself bravebut I do know that I have chosen a different path and I am confident that the outcome will be What’s best for me.”

Years later, we were taken aback when we received a request from this boy, now a teenager, asking to be readmitted to Esperanza Viva. His request bears the weight of years spent in darkness, but more than that, it crushes the hopelessness of bondage and ushers in a new day. Hope remains when seeds take root in the deepest parts of our being. For this young man, facing a situation designed to cloak any glimpse of light, hope broke through the surface and with it came a new courage.