Church Partnership

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The Diverse Ministries of LHI—a Perfect Fit

Choosing a ministry to align with is a spiritual, emotional, and personal process. Ultimately, it is a matter of
what the Lord impresses on our hearts and the ways and means in which we can help—we are each uniquely created
with passions that run deep.

Is the plight of orphans and the most vulnerable what God has impassioned your heart with? Is a well-discipled next
generation of leaders what makes your congregation’s heart beat strong? Is your church dedicated to seeing new churches planted, in remote and or difficult areas? The diverse programs of LHI, from Esperanza Viva Youth Home, to La Viña Ministry Institute and Nations School, LHI Missions, Nations Church, and now Nations Clinic, are all driving in the same direction, yet like the body of Christ, they all serve distinct purposes. Purposes which no doubt align with one or more aspects of how God has created you or your church to be an impactful partner in what He is doing next door and across the border. Contact LHI today to explore how we can move forward together!