End of Year Campaign
We want to help the children return to being children, providing them with opportunities that will help them grow happy, healthy, and knowing they are loved!
Take a moment to learn how you can be part of reviving joy and creating memories for the kids before 2023 comes to an end!

Reviving Joy

Breaking the cycle for hundreds
of children through play!

One of the neediest villages we have seen in Puebla, Mexico has been on our hearts for several years. This year, we have begun construction for a permanent outreach building to bless and bring about change for the community and beyond. The vision is to be a resource, an aid in helping break the cycle of poverty, abuse, and unhealthy lifestyles for as many children as we can.

Our goal is to impact lives through bringing hope right at the heart of this community. This is the place where HUNDREDS of children from not only this village but also from the surrounding villages, will be able to come to learn about Jesus, receive warm meals, get sized for properly fitting clothes that will help them get ready for the winter time (as it gets cold there). Our vision is for these children to have a fun and safe place to play, moving away from the risky, unfinished buildings and structures to instead swing and climb on an actual playground.

That’s where you come in.

We hope for children to be able to return to their childhood and simply play.
We are seeking to bless not only the children of Esperanza Viva, but even more children throughout Puebla, Mexico. Our plan is to replace the existing playground at Esperanza Viva and install another in the village of San Martin.
This will be the only play structure of its kind available for the children in the community.
The final play structure will find its home at one of the Nations Church campuses, allowing even more children to enjoy this space.

This project will cost $40,000 USD.
Will you be part of this?


for the Kids
The time where all the children of Esperanza Viva begin to ask “How many days until Christmas?” “What will we be doing for Christmas?!” “Remember when we... for Christmas?”

The children (and dedicated staff) cherish what Christmas has become at Esperanza Viva. Celebrating the birth of our Savior as a family. We strive to make this day extra special for the children. For many, before coming to Esperanza Viva, the holidays didn’t happen or they were filled with difficult memories. This is our chance to create happy memories of this blessed season.

By giving to the Christmas for the Kids project, you will help us provide good food, special gifts, activities, and much more for the 112 children receiving care at Esperanza Viva! Take a look at the bottom to see some of the photos from last year’s Christmas!