How do I play the video on my smart TV?

Perhaps the best experience for you will be to use the official Vimeo App. (Install options)

  1. Go online, create a free Vimeo user account, unless you already have one.
  2. Open the official event video direct link:

Friday 10/1 6:30PM

  1. Choose to “Watch Later” which will save it to your account.
  2. Then install the Vimeo App to your Roku, Chromecast, or Smart TV, and connect your account to it.
  3. Then go to the Vimeo App “Watch Later” option, and the video you saved online should now appear as an option on your Smart TV Vimeo App.

The other way you can connect is by using a Smart TV browser App.

If you are able to navigate to a website, go to and play the video.

This site has them ranked the top browser apps as a recommendation list perhaps:
These are their top 3:
  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla
  3. Puffin

Other potential solutions depending on your TV:

This page highlights the various options depending on what kind of TV you might have.