Filling Voids

Filling Voids


In their life and yours

It could be said that there is a dream in every abandoned child that someday their mother and father will want them back and love them. This desire drives their every decision and shapes their character.

We believe that the only thing that can truly transform the lives of the children in our care is the love of Jesus. We regularly witness this genuine, unbiased, unconditional love poured out into the children through the many visitors and sponsors who positively impact their lives. Child sponsors and short-term missions teams come with hearts full of love, restoring the broken and filling the void of the once rejected. Children who once felt hopeless are given the chance to bask in the warmth of smiles and hugs, understanding that they matter. In return, these teams and individuals leave for home deeply touched by what God is doing in the ministry as a whole, often spurring further participation in the global orphan crisis.

We invite you to join us in changing lives, to experience the fullness of the Father’s love as you reflect His heart being poured out through sponsoring a child or visiting on a short-term missions trip.

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