Founders’ Perspective: Back to Basics

Founders’ Perspective

Jerry and Susy McNally

“…back to the basics: Providing love, safety, food, and shelter to the most vulnerable…”

This season we find ourselves in is reminiscent of our early days, more than 25 years ago. God has poured vision and provision into LHI over the years which led us to many areas of reaching into the lives of the hurting through education, ministry training, outreach, health and wellness, discipleship, worship, and more. With the wide-sweeping effects of the pandemic, we’ve had to scale way back to the basics: providing love, safety, food, and shelter to the most vulnerable we’re privileged to serve. From this time of reduced activity, we pray to emerge refined and more focused than ever. During this time, we’ve found ourselves in the watchful eyes of a culture and community intrigued by our outreach and witnessing the love of Christ through it all. It is an opportunity to bring the Gospel to life through our actions.

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