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Staffing Needs

These are just a few of the many positions we need to fill to be a more effective ministry. Some of these positions would require full-time, on-site service while others could be done part-time or even remotely.

IT/Network Specialist

Could your experience help us with our RAIDs, racks, IPs, permissions, computers, printers and more?


From installations and repairs to maintenance and custom projects, we need someone handy with a hammer and drill.


Could your expertise with belts, plugs, wrenches and sockets help keep our vans, pickups and buses rolling?


The many ministries, programs and moving parts of LHI need help with the numbers, dollars and cents.

Web Developer

Multiple websites, multi-media integration, design and more. Love in any language–that could mean Java, HTML or CSS.


We’re seeking bilingual, certified teachers to offer at-risk kids a limitless future.

PR and Marketing

We have a story to tell. Correction: We have 100s of stories to tell, and we want to tell them well. Could your experience in this field make a difference for Christ?

Requirements to serve at Esperanza Viva:

  • Devoted to Christ and to serving Him and others with your life
  • Be sent out by your church as a missionary
  • Conversational level of Spanish (Depending on role)
  • Complete the Application Process
  • Be financially self-supported
  • 20+ years of age

Join us in an exciting ministry that transforms lives daily.

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