Latest News – Partner Closeup

Partner Closeup

Jerry and Susy McNally
Jerry and Susy McNally
Founders and Directors
Living Hope International

Greetings from Puebla,

We are blessed by everything happening at this time; there is growing momentum and many great changes in the works.  We have observed the kids getting older, the church and ministry institute taking more shape, many visitors and groups coming year-round, and we are truly grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness. None of this progress could have taken place without the help of our partners like you. When you pray for, visit and give to Living Hope International, you are participating in the transformation of many lives and making a lasting difference for future generations. We hope that as you read this update, you are as encouraged as we are. Thank you so much for all you do for Living Hope International.

Be blessed,
Jerry and Susy McNally

Living Hope International

QUEST INTERNS – We are grateful that this spring and summer has brought several interns to serve with us short-term. Denise is a bilingual college student from Texas, and served alongside our short-term missions coordinator. It was great to have her helping out in the busiest season of the year. Later in the year, we will have another college student, Taylor, helping our maintenance supervisor on special work projects. For information on the Quest program or to apply, visit:

25TH-ANNIVERSARY GALA BENEFIT DINNERS – The Living Hope annual benefit dinners are the highlight of the year for many of our friends, as these evenings are an opportunity to reconnect with the founders and staff, and even some of the kids, at a memorable event for raising needed funds. We have plans for an extra special event this fall, celebrating 25 years as a ministry rescuing children. For more information, visit:

Esperanza Viva Youth Homes

NEW FACES – We have several new children at the Puebla and Matamoros campuses, a few of them from the same family. The children are adapting well to their new home in a short time and making friends with their peers. If you are interested in becoming a child sponsor, visit:

NEW PICNIC AREA – Thanks to the help of our faithful partners, we now have a picnic shelter at our Puebla campus. Equipped with grills, this area is ideal for the children and staff to have cook-outs, picnics, birthday celebrations, and more. There are also new park benches outside of our playground area, which make time together outside more enjoyable. If you are interested in helping fund a similar project for the children, visit:

Jerry looking on during construction; later the kids and staff enjoy the newly-constructed picnic shelter.

Nations Ministry Institute (La Viña)

NEW NAME – After many years of training young people to be effective servants in full-time ministry, we have given this ministry a new name: Nations Ministry Institute (La Viña). The institute is gaining momentum and changing the curriculum to include much more practical training, physical challenges, outreach opportunities, and devotional times set aside for seeking the Lord.

GRADUATION – In mid-June, we had a graduation celebration for our 30th class of students. The first group of students under the leadership of Jake and Ana McNally successfully completed their Level 1 course, with several honorable mentions, outstanding student recognitions, and physical challenge awards given to students from Levels 1, 2, and 3 of the ministry institute. For more information or to apply, visit:

Nations School

GROWTH – This school year has brought improvements and numerical growth, which has positive ripples into other areas: participation of the students in weekly Connection Groups and church youth events, a few families are now attending Sunday services–we see this as part of the fulfillment of our calling to reach the city with the news of the gospel, and we are thrilled to see these developments so quickly following open community enrollment.

CLOSING CEREMONY – Our students and teachers “pulled out all the stops” for the end-of-the-year ceremony, complete with a live-action drama, musical presentations, several dance routines, and award presentations. The school has taken great steps to promote drama, dance, music, sports, and many other art forms; the progress made by our students was evident at this beautiful celebration. There were a total of 41 students graduating from preschool, elementary school, junior high school, and high school.

OPEN ENROLLMENT – Our school has open enrollments year-round, from daycare to high school. This school year we reached a new record with 174 students enrolled, and many families are interested for the 2019-2020 school year. To partner with us in helping a student reach their potential, visit:

Living Hope Clinic

CAMPAIGNS – Over the last few months, our clinic has hosted several medical missions teams that have been a wonderful benefit to our children and staff. Teams performed dental and medical examinations, filled cavities, cleaned teeth, applied fluoride treatments, performed hearing tests, and many other wellness appointments. If you would like to partner with the efforts of Living Hope Clinic,

INTERNS – Our clinic has been blessed to have several medical students on campus for short-term medical internships, working with our on-site nurse. Gianna, from New Jersey, was here for about two weeks. Nalany, from Texas, was a major help as she assisted with a week-long dental campaign. Jonathan and Leah, siblings from Wisconsin, came in March to assist in a medical campaign with their parents, and then again for several weeks in May and June. They all kept busy organizing the patient files, researching special treatments the children need, along with many other tasks. To be a part of a medical mission trip with Living Hope Clinic, contact:

Nations Church

NATIONS CONFERENCE – Nations Church recently hosted our annual conference. This conference was an amazing three days with attendees from churches all over Mexico and beyond. It included times of intimate worship and guest speakers delivering messages that brought great challenge and encouragement. Our conferences are always powerful and impactful times, but this one was the best yet. Our children and youth from Esperanza Viva all attended and were blessed by everything the Lord did through it.

Nations Conference 2019

NEW RENTED ROOMS With the growth in attendance to our weekend services, we have taken a step in expansion and now have a lease for two additional rooms at our second campus. These rooms will allow us to have training seminars, meetings, dining areas, youth activities, and more. We know there is so much more to do with our congregation, and we are glad to be taking steps in improving several areas of service and having the necessary space to accommodate simultaneous activities.

YOUTH MINISTRIES – Junior high and high-school young-adult groups are witnessing substantial progress as they involve the students and peer leaders in their weekly small groups and a monthly gathering at the church. Some of this growth is due to the youth who attend Nations School who are now participating in these gatherings and other planned activities. There is a good core leadership team that is passionate about seeing the kids catch fire for the things of God and influence their generation with the gospel.

CONNECTION GROUPS – We have 24 groups meeting all across the city each week for Biblical teaching, prayer, and fellowship, and we hope to offer even more in the fall. These groups are witnessing answered prayers, new people coming to salvation, and people forming bonds of godly friendships with one another.

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