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Partner Closeup

Jerry and Susy McNally
Jerry and Susy McNally
Founders and Directors
Living Hope International

Dear friends and family,

This year we have gone through a series of changes. Changes of plans, methods, processes, and even a change of location for our Matamoros campus. There are sure to be many more changes ahead, as there are so many factors contributing to the way we do things. In the midst of it all, our God remains unchanging, and His calling and purpose is constant. He is the Good Father that we can trust with our present AND our future. More and more, it has become clear to us that even when we don’t see everything, He is at work. As we trust in Him for the next step, we can witness first-hand the faithfulness of our God. These new updates are a testimony to God’s goodness at this time. We hope you are encouraged as you read them.

Most Sincerely,
Jerry and Susy McNally

Living Hope International

September brought us the annual LHI Benefit events, but in a virtual format. The two evenings brought live interaction with Jerry and Susy and other Living Hope staff, special music, videos of the kids, testimonies, and reminiscing with ministry partners through interactive chats and more. To watch a replay of this historic event, visit

MULTIPURPOSE BUILDING – Some great news is that the Multipurpose building will be completed by the end of October. We are excited to be able to put it to use this fall to house the newly arrived interns on campus. It will be, without a doubt, put to excellent use for many years to come, allowing us to carry out part of the calling to train leaders in ministry. To see the latest progress of the construction, visit

Esperanza Viva Youth Home

CONSOLIDATION CELEBRATION – At the end of August, the entire Esperanza Viva (EV) family had a party to celebrate the integration of our children and staff from Matamoros who arrived this summer. It was a joyful time for everyone, and the ideal atmosphere for getting to know one another better. There were also three new children, a brother and sister plus another boy, who had arrived around the same time as the Matamoros children, and this celebration was a wonderful opportunity for them to integrate with the youth and staff as well.

LASTING HOPE – We are pleased that several of our young people who grew up at EV are starting their vocational training or university studies this fall. Through the Lasting Hope Scholarship Program, we are able to support the career training these young men and women are taking on. This semester, their classes are primarily online, with the expectation of resuming in-person classes in January. We are proud of our young people and their accomplishments, and are looking forward with great hopes for their careers and integration into society. If you are interested in helping a young adult from EV with career opportunities, visit

Nations Church

BAPTISMS – Several Small Group facilitators have had the opportunity to baptize people they are mentoring. They have been very private, at-home settings due to the restrictions in place for large groups. This is part of a church-wide initiative with the purpose of encouraging Christians to be baptized regardless of their current circumstances. It has been wonderful to see pictures and videos of people being baptized. Some of our dorm supervisors have had the honor of having small baptism services on the EV campus with some of our young people who expressed the desire to take this important step in their faith journey.

COMMUNITY AND VILLAGE OUTREACH PROJECT – The current health crisis in Mexico continues to affect the economy on a large scale and for individuals and families. The summer months brought a number of great opportunities for the people of Nations Church to remain connected as a family as well as for sharing hope and love with the people right in our neighborhood and region of Mexico. To join us in continuing to help these families you can make a donation, by visiting

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