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Partner Closeup

Jerry and Susy McNally
Jerry and Susy McNally
Founders and Directors
Living Hope International

Dear Ministry Partners,

As we come to the end of what has been a year of great challenges, adjustments and some losses, we are overwhelmed with gratitude to you for your faithful prayers for Living Hope International and the many ways you have helped us in our mission to rescue children and train leaders. Our prayer is that as we enter 2021 with faith, we will see the Lord at work in and through each one of the ministries, and that the fruit of endurance will be evident in the lives that are changed by encounters with Jesus.

Most Sincerely,
Jerry and Susy McNally

Living Hope International


The children, staff and missionaries at Esperanza Viva enjoyed a festive holiday celebration filled with games, worship, and a special Christmas dinner. Although there has not been opportunity for customary holiday parties and visitors, we are grateful to be able to celebrate right at home with the children as a family. Everyone will remember this Christmas as extra special, since our family bonds have only gotten stronger throughout this time of crisis.


We had to postpone having groups of US visitors in 2020 due to the health risk for our children and staff, as well as for the people who wanted to visit. We hosted a dentist for a few days this fall, and had an IT specialist over the summer who came for a weekend to keep our computer systems up to date. We have high hopes for visitors and teams for 2021, so please contact us at to plan your visit.

Esperanza Viva Youth Home


We are excited to have our new Multi-purpose building totally finished! This building will serve our campus as a spacious area for gatherings with our Ministry Institute students, visitors, and special guests, as well as housing the young leaders that we are training for ministry service. The design of the building is suited perfectly for the needs of our growing community and we are anxious to begin using it soon.


The current health crisis facing our world has affected many areas of life and has put children in an even more vulnerable state. We are glad to say we have still been able to rescue several new children and give them a hope for the future. Soon these children will become eligible for their first sponsors. If you are interested in becoming a child sponsor to help us provide for the daily needs of these children, visit our website:

Nations School


This school year, Nations School has switched to an online method for the students who live off campus. Our teachers are giving in-person classes to the children of Esperanza Viva and staff children as well as keeping the online students updated.


Luis and Alejandra Aguilar are now
mentoring post-high school young adults.

We recently developed a new program for the young people who have finished high school and are preparing to live adult lives outside Esperanza Viva. One of our staff couples is mentoring this group of young men and women as they make the important transition to college and work lives, and we have great expectations for each of them. To help these college students with their schooling needs, visit

Nations Church


In November and December, we reopened our three Nations Church campuses with limited seating and social distancing/hygiene measures in place. Our team of staff and volunteers stepped up to meet the challenges of this new way of having services and are tirelessly serving those who attend the weekend meetings. We are grateful to be able to have live worship and sermons and connect in-person with the congregation.


We have been able to witness miracles of lives touched and needs met through a campaign focused on the unreached in and around the city of Puebla, run by our staff and volunteers. The ministry has taken to the hospitals, streets, and low-income areas of the city and surrounding area, taking hot meals and coffee, as well as clothing and basic pantry items to people who are in need. Most importantly, they bring a message of hope and salvation to those they encounter, and are able to invite them to follow Christ and attend in-person services at any of the three campuses in the city.

Nations Ministry Institute (La Viña)


This fall, we opened a brief internship opportunity to a small group of young adults who are passionate about serving and learning under the leadership of Nations Ministry Institute (La Viña). These students have had unique opportunities to dig deep into the Bible, serve in different areas on campus, and receive practical workshops, all while adhering to the current precautionary health measures. This has made for an extra intensive season for them, and they have all expressed a desire to continue serving with us following their course completion. For information and applications, visit


In a time when so many activities are transitioning to online, we are excited to have joined the ranks by taking our own Ministry Institute to a virtual platform. This step has allowed us to offer quality Biblical teachings and systematic teachings in video format for people of all ages and walks of life, beyond our on-campus program. The goal is to have many more students participate in the courses we offer and become prepared for serving God in their own churches, communities, and beyond the Mexican borders.

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