Last updated: May 4, 2020


The kids and staff are doing well.

Limits have been put in place regarding group meetings including activities related to Nations Church locations. Like many US churches, Nations Church has suspended in-person gatherings and is now streaming services for the time being. Off-campus outings and daily errands have been extremely limited and the campus is well-stocked for food and essential supplies to last 3-4 weeks. Many staff missionaries are working remotely as their responsibilities allow. The children and staff are under strict protocols of hygiene and prevention per CDC guidelines. 

Construction of the Multi-Purpose Building has been suspended as the Mexican authorities have elevated the local lockdown level to 3, restricting construction and most other non-essential outings by citizens.

Nations Ministry Institute (La Viña) has been suspended until further notice and the enrolled students were sent home.

The United States and Mexico have agreed to restrict non-essential travel across our shared border.

The Trump administration on March 20th, announced sweeping new travel restrictions between United States and Mexico to curb the spread of the coronavirus — it halted non-essential travel.


At this time Esperanza Viva Youth Home campuses remain open but under strict protocols of hygiene and prevention. The CDC has issued a number of best practices and steps to take in the prevention of contracting or spreading the virus. Included in their advice are cautions for high-risk individuals to avoid travel. Living Hope International (LHI) agrees with this advice, despite it having the potential impact on our ministry partners and prospective visitors.

LHI is at this time suggesting if you have a visit planned through June of 2020, you postpone your trip. Conditions continue to decline and the decision to postpone your trip at this time may be advantageous for your own health and safety and to avoid any additional non-refundable forfeitures. If you were to contract COVID-19 while traveling, you could potentially put the Esperanza Viva campus at risk and could face quarantine or other difficulties upon returning to the United States.

It is our position to ask all prospective high-risk visitors to postpone their trip at this time. There is still much to learn regarding the virus and we suggest erring on the side of safety and precaution. Are you at high-risk? The CDC helps clarify on their website.

All unpurchased flights need to be into the city of Puebla, PUE, Mexico [PBC]. If you already have flights purchased into Mexico City, please contact your airline immediately to change your flights into Puebla if at all possible.

All arriving guests must be free of cold/flu symptoms. Upon arrival to Esperanza Viva all team members will undergo a brief medical evaluation including a temperature reading. If any visitors show symptoms of illness, they will not be allowed entry. Immediate arrangements will be made for their return home including offsite accommodations. If anyone on your team is experiencing cold/flu symptoms (or others within their household) leading up to the expected travel dates, we strongly suggest postponement of their trip to avoid complications upon arrival if symptoms manifest during travel.

You can contact Esperanza Viva/Living Hope Clinic ( or 1-262-381-0121 opt. 1) with specific questions regarding your risk. Whether you qualify as high risk or not, if you are in good health, you may still choose to visit, however, LHI reserves the right to deny any prospective visitor if they feel it is necessary for the safety of children and staff.

ALL prospective visitors are required to complete the M2: Short-Term Missions Medical Online Form. The form was updated on March 3, 2020, and must be resubmitted if completed prior to that date.

LHI understands that with the cancellation of prospective visits, forfeiture of airline tickets and other non-refundable expenses may be incurred. Regrettably, these conditions could not have been anticipated in advance. Some travel insurance coverage may include “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage. If you have travel insurance, LHI suggests contacting them directly. Some airlines are offering added flexibility to assist passengers. has posted a page with various helpful travel links. Any Short-Term Missions deposits for room and board already made to LHI are non-refundable but set aside for your future use for 18 months. After that time, the funds will be used where needed most by LHI.

If you or your prospective group have any changes to the number of visitors or other questions, please contact 1-262-381-0121 opt. 3

Please check back on this page for future updates and developments that may affect your planned visit to Esperanza Viva.