Please review the following link for the Center for disease and Controls recommendation on Vaccines when traveling to Mexico:

Living Hope International reserves the right to cancel or postpone any current or upcoming Short-Term Missions team member visit per our discretion (including but not limited to any weather, environmental or natural disasters, any health, epidemic, pandemic crisis, or other issues relating to any foreign or national government) without being held responsible or liable for any present or future compensation or charges that may incur as a result of this (including but no limited to already purchased non-refundable flights). Furthermore, we reserve the right to close our campus entrance to anyone showing severe health symptoms that were not previously reported. By submitting this form you agree to all the terms listed above and agree to report any health conditions or symptoms prior to your arrival at the Esperanza Viva campus.

Please report any illness symptoms that develop before you arrive (Such as cough, sore throat, etc.) to If you have further health-related questions please email