Short-Term Missions Costs

STM Costs and Fundraising

The costs of STM trips with LHI and some tools to invite potential sponsors to be a part of your visit to the Esperanza Viva-Puebla campus.

Trip Costs

Local transportation, room, and board

Local ministry and tourism transportation, meals and comfortable lodging: $800/person for standard Saturday–Saturday trip.

Visitors age 2–11: $400/person. Additional youth/child visitor considerations.

Visitors under 2: $0/person. Additional youth/child visitor considerations.


You will need a valid passport book for international travel from the United States: 
$110/person (plus possible processing fees) for a new/renewal visa.  Click here for details and to apply.


Your airfare to Puebla, Mexico (PBC) or Mexico City (MEX)*:
This depends on your airport of origin, airline, trip dates, etc…

* If you choose to fly into Mexico City, please add $70 for round-trip transportation to Puebla.


LHI suggests your team take out travel insurance to protect against a number of potentially unforeseen needs. Coverage often includes things like flight inconveniences, lost baggage, weather/natural disasters, medical evacuation and more. Here is a short list of providers to consider.

Ministry/activity costs (optional)

Consider your team’s particular ministry goals and/or activities for necessary materials such as art supplies, drama props, etc…:

Suitcase donations (optional)

Bring additional suitcases of STM donations of items in need:
$0-50/each depending on airline.

Extra projects (optional)

Additional donation to fund particular work projects, supplies or needs:


Short-Term Missions reservation deposit

Other team or individual payments related to your visit

Tools for Fundraising

Not everyone is able or feels the calling to go on as STM trip. The Bible is clear however, of the importance of the various parts of the body of Christ working together to be healthy and whole. For some people, their way of supporting the work God is doing, is by sponsoring others to go, serve and experience first-hand. Below are a few simple resources for making your financial needs known and inviting others to be a part of your trip through prayer and financial commitments.

Personal Letters

Click here to view sample form letter  to copy or modify to fit your particular STM trip.

Group or individual fundraisers

This option can be as creative and diverse as the people on your team. We highly suggest that you identify who is in charge of the team’s finances for accountability and clarity of the progress of your efforts.

Download our Short-Term Missions (STM) Planning Guide for more information.