Short-Term Missions FAQs

Short-Term Missions Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about practical and spiritual expectations of your next short-term missions trip.

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Why should I go on an STM with LHI?

The mission of LHI is to rescue children, train leaders and reach the nations with the Gospel. Short-term missions trips support this mission by providing hands to play with the children and complete projects, and hearts to love and encourage the kids and staff. Matthew 25:40 states “The King will reply, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these….you did for me.’” Coming to LHI is your opportunity to serve God by serving the children.

Christ himself has called us all to “Go.” And how can we most directly go and serve Christ… by serving “the least of these,” whom he equates to serving Him directly. From there, strategy, logistics, and willingness are all part of putting our faith into practice to bring glory to God.

What is the goal of an STM with Living Hope International?

To experience a meaningful connection with God, the kids, the staff and the culture. Your schedule of activities and service will be created with these goals in mind.

Who is most impacted by an STM?

Wow. This is a tough one to answer. While a common perception might be that you and your team are coming to bless or give, we are certain you will return home equally blessed, full of new perspectives and feeling a spiritual awakening. That said, the kids eagerly look forward to visitors and the many ways their lives are enriched through their time with you. An STM is truly a win-win.

How should I prepare for the trip?

Share about and invite others to be a part of this experience with you. Whether you are raising funds to make your trip possible or self-funding, the encouragement and prayers of others can make a big difference in the success of your trip.

Personal and community spiritual preparation. We encourage teams to meet regularly before the trip to begin team building and spiritually aligning your hearts to be receptive to how God guides your trip. This is the key. This will help in all ways from your effectiveness in your ministry objectives, conflict resolution and how receptive you are to God impacting your life.

Remain flexible. Travel and change can make people uneasy. The more flexible you can remain in your expectations the more enjoyable and positive your experience will be.

Is it safe to visit Mexico?

Yes. Puebla is rated one of the safest states in Mexico and is far from international borders and tourism where more widely publicized dangers exist. This does not mean we are immune to risks, but we take every precaution to ensure your safety.

Where will we be sleeping and living while on our STM?

You will be staying on our 11-acre campus with 24/7 security. We have comfortable bunk-bed style dorm accommodations for our Week of Hope visitors as well as private, hot showers. The information on our STM Accommodations webpage includes greater detail and photos.

How many kids and staff will we encounter on our STM?

The infographic on our About Us webpage will give you an overview of our ministries and the lives impacted. You will have an opportunity to connect with the children in small and large groups.

Will we be working in the community or focused on the LHI campus?

We concentrate on maximizing your connection with the kids and staff of LHI. At times STM groups request outside ministry opportunities in the community, but typically teams stay on our campus spending the majority of their time with the kids and staff.

When are payments due? Are payments refundable?

An initial non-refundable deposit of $1,000 for teams, or $100 for families or individuals, is due immediately to reserve your trip dates. The remaining balance is due 30 days before the trip start date.

What does the mission trip fee include?

Trip fees include food, housing, construction materials, local transportation and translators as needed.

Do I need any immunizations before coming?

Mexico does not require vaccinations to enter the country, but we recommend your Tetanus vaccination be recent (within the past 10 years), as well as your Hepatitis A and B vaccinations.

How will team members actually make an impact in only one week?

During a Week of Hope you will have opportunities to learn about and become a part of the lives of our kids and staff. Beyond some of the practical benefits of work projects and service, the quality time you will have with the kids and staff will be an encouragement and blessing in their lives that will demonstrate God’s love to them.

How can short-term missions trips be relational?

Personal connections are easy to make on an LHI STM. The sooner you open your heart and mind to share in the lives of the kids and staff, the sooner you will build relationships that can last a lifetime. The LHI child and missionary staff sponsorship programs offer a way to continue that relationship after the trip.

How can I get more involved with LHI?

While on the trip, you and your group will be presented with a number of further partnership opportunities. Things like important on-site projects, child sponsorship, and other giving opportunities will be shared with your team. You can also find more information on our website at

If you have questions not answered here, contact us today!