Short-Term Missions Trip Documents

Short-Term Missions Documents

Important documents and planning guides for a successful Short-Term Missions (STM) Trip to Mexico

Required Documents/Forms for All Team Members:

M1: LHI Short-Term Missions Participant Online Form

This provides helpful information about our visitors to help make the most of your visit, along with important contact information. This participation form also requires agreement with the Esperanza Viva Visitor Rules and Policies.

M2: Short-Term Missions Medical Online Form

This form is a combination of medical factors such as medications and/or allergies LHI should be aware of to ensure a safe and healthy visit, as well as the appropriate course of action if medical attention is needed.

M3: Background Check

We are fully committed to the safety and wellness of our children. We require a background check for all visitors ages 18+, for the safety and security of the children in our care, members of visiting teams and our full-time missionary staff. We partner with an external organization to perform this service. Once completed, your background check will be valid for visits for up to two years. There is an additional fee of $17, which visitors are can pay directly to the company performing the checks at the same time their information is submitted. Click here to complete your pre-trip background check. What might show up and what will that mean for my trip and/or eligibility to visit? Click learn more.

M4: Liability Release  

Please print, sign, send a scan or electronic copy to and bring with you on your STM trip.

M5: General Parental Release Form for Visitors Age 17 or Younger  

It is required that ALL legal guardians not traveling with minors internationally need to give specific permission for minors to travel. Please print, sign in the presence of a licensed notary and bring with you on your STM trip. You may be asked to prove this during travel so keep this document available during travel.

Click here to for more information on the CBC website regarding minors traveling without both parents.

Required Documents/Forms for Team Leaders:

L1: Terms of Agreement Online Form

Please also print, sign and bring a paper copy with you on your STM trip. Download PDF  

Helpful STM Leader Resources:

Team Leader Checklist  

Team Member Checklist  

Planning Guide  

Packing Lists  

Experience Directory  

Donations Suggestions  

Promoting Your STM Team

Image gallery of photos for you to use as you promote your trip during fundraising and while seeking team members.

Please be careful not to stretch or otherwise distort the images to preserve their quality and ratios. If there is a particular image you would like to request in a different size or resolution. Please contact us today.

Feel free to use these high-resolution in websites, flyers, posters, or other printed materials.

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Feel free to use these lower-resolution images for projecting on video screens, websites, facebook etc.

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