Visitor Background Check

LHI Visitor Background Checks

Background Check

We are fully committed to the safety and wellness of our children. We require a background check for all visitors ages 18+, for the safety and security of the children in our care, members of visiting teams and our full-time missionary staff. We partner with an external organization to perform this service. Once completed, your background check will be valid for visits for up to two years. There is a fee of $17, which visitors pay directly to the company performing the checks at the same time their information is submitted. Click here to complete your pre-trip background check.

What might show up and what will that mean for my trip and/or eligibility to visit?

We believe wholeheartedly in the redemptive and healing power of the Gospel to bring about change. Our vision underscores this understanding and desire for all people, however, our responsibility as caretakers of children require added vigilance and a clear understanding of our on-site guests, made available through such a check. While the results of a background check may not disqualify you from visiting our youth homes, it may result in follow-up questions, or an interview to better understand the circumstances and desires of your heart to visit and serve with us, including short-term visits. Living Hope International ultimately reserves the right to deny a visitor’s application for any reason.